Toyo Proxes Sport - 325/30R21 108Y XL

Toyo Proxes Sport - 325/30R21 108Y XL.

Toyo Proxes Sport - 325/30R21 108Y XL

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Toyo Proxes Sport - 325/30R21 108Y XL

The Toyo Proxes Sport is a high-performance tire designed to deliver exceptional handling and performance for sports cars and luxury vehicles. With its advanced technology and superior construction, this tire offers a perfect balance of comfort, grip, and durability.

Premium Performance

  • Designed for sports cars and luxury vehicles
  • Offers enhanced handling and performance
  • Ensures a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Provides excellent traction and grip on both wet and dry surfaces

Advanced Technology

  • Features a unique tread design for improved stability and control
  • Utilizes advanced materials for enhanced durability
  • Equipped with high-performance compounds for maximum grip
  • Enhanced sidewall stiffness for precise steering response

XL Load Rating

The Toyo Proxes Sport in size 325/30R21 has an XL load rating, which means it can support heavier vehicles and provide increased load-carrying capacity. This makes it suitable for high-performance cars and SUVs.

Stylish Design

The Toyo Proxes Sport features a sleek and modern design that complements the look of any vehicle. Its black sidewall and gray accents add a touch of sophistication and style.


The Toyo Proxes Sport - 325/30R21 108Y XL is the perfect tire for drivers who demand the ultimate performance from their vehicles. With its exceptional grip, precise handling, and stylish design, this tire is sure to enhance your driving experience.

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