1495 products

1495 products

The Catback system is a pivotal component for car enthusiasts and those looking to refine the performance and sound of their vehicles. As the name suggests, it's an exhaust system behind the rear wheels that offers functional and aesthetic upgrades. At Onefastshop, we recognize the demand for top-tier Catback systems and are proud to present an extensive range of encompassing products. Our curated selection is vast and meticulously sourced, ensuring that every product aligns with our commitment to quality and excellence. Whether you're seeking enhanced sound, improved horsepower, or a simple replacement, our collection is bound to have the perfect fit for your vehicle. Dive into our Catback Systems Collection, featuring offerings from the industry's most renowned brands.

Why Choose Onefastshop for Catback Systems

Navigating the automotive market can be daunting, especially when seeking specialized parts like Catback systems. At Onefastshop, we simplify this journey. With a vast collection boasting unique products, customers are assured of diverse options. But it's not just about quantity. Our emphasis on authenticity ensures that every Catback system you encounter on our platform is of the highest standard, designed to deliver unmatched performance and durability. Our products' quality is complemented by our dedication to ensuring seamless compatibility, making the selection process as straightforward as possible. Choosing Onefastshop means entrusting your vehicle to professionals who understand the intricacies of automotive perfection.

Featured Brands & Their Offerings


The aFe name is synonymous with innovation in the automotive world. Crafting systems that are efficient and environmentally friendly, aFe's Catback offerings are for those who demand the best. With impeccable products in our collection, you're assured of finding the ideal aFe system that resonates with your vehicle's needs.


Akrapovic, the luxury in exhaust systems. Every Akrapovic system is a testament to dedication and excellence, known for its state-of-the-art designs and unparalleled craftsmanship. While our catalog houses their best, each product promises performance beyond expectation.

AWE Tuning

Diversity meets functionality with AWE Tuning. With products on Onefastshop, AWE Tuning covers a broad spectrum of vehicle models, ensuring every car owner finds their perfect match. Their reputation for creating systems that deliver exhilarating sounds while optimizing performance is unmatched.


Borla, a giant in the Catback system world, brings its legacy of over four decades to Onefastshop. Their systems, designed with precision and expertise, redefine how you perceive vehicle exhausts. With options available, Borla's range caters to diverse tastes, ensuring that every driver's unique preference is met.

CORSA Performance 

The spirit of excellence defines CORSA Performance. Their offerings are a testament to their in-depth research and unparalleled design capabilities. With Catback systems available on Onefastshop, customers are privy to a collection that encompasses CORSA's dedication to producing strategies that sound great and substantially enhance vehicle performance.


Diving deep into the world of Japanese automotive expertise, HKS stands out with its rich history and technological innovations. Each product available on Onefastshop carries the brand's hallmark of reliability, performance, and finesse. Opting for HKS means choosing world-class design and unmatched durability.


Revolutionizing the industry with its unique take on exhaust systems, Injen is a brand that prioritizes both performance and sustainability. Their meticulously designed Catback systems on Onefastshop offer vehicle enthusiasts a harmonious blend of power, efficiency, and eco-friendliness. When you choose Injen, you're selecting a brand that understands the evolving needs of the modern car owner.

Kooks Headers

Kooks Headers may have a select presence with just four products on Onefastshop, but they offer nothing short of excellence. With a strong legacy in the industry, Kooks Headers is for those who appreciate bespoke craftsmanship. Every Catback system from Kooks manifests precision, delivering an unrivaled auditory and performance experience.


Magnaflow doesn't just offer a product; it promises quality and consistency. Known for their deep, smooth tones and enhanced performance capabilities, Magnaflow systems on Onefastshop ensure every drive is transformed into an event. Their dedication to innovation is palpable in each Catback system they design.


Mishimoto brings a blend of style and functionality. With four Catback systems available on Onefastshop, the brand is a testament to quality over quantity. Each product is designed for the modern car enthusiast who values efficiency, durability, and elegance.

Skunk2 Racing

Skunk2 Racing takes performance to a whole new level. Every Catback system under this brand's name is a product of rigorous testing and innovative design. For those seeking a racing edge and a distinctive sound, Skunk2 Racing on Onefastshop is the go-to choice.


SLP, or Street Legal Performance, lives up to its name. The Catback systems available on Onefastshop from SLP are about optimizing your vehicle's street performance. Every product perfectly blends sound, power, and reliability, ensuring your car stands out in performance and presence.

Benefits of Upgrading to Premium Catback Systems

The realm of automotive upgrades is vast, but few enhancements match the holistic improvements a Catback system can offer. Here are some compelling reasons to make the upgrade:

  • Performance Boost: A premium Catback system is not just about sound. It's designed to reduce exhaust back pressure, which can lead to a noticeable increase in horsepower and torque. Your vehicle becomes more responsive, making those drives even more exhilarating.
  • Enhanced Sound: One of the most apparent benefits is that the right Catback system will transform your vehicle's sound profile. Whether you're looking for a deep roar or a refined hum, the options are endless, and the auditory experience is unmatched.
  • Fuel Efficiency: While it might surprise, a quality Catback system can improve fuel efficiency. Enhancing exhaust flow enables your engine to operate more efficiently, potentially leading to better miles per gallon.
  • Increased Resale Value: A well-maintained vehicle with premium upgrades, like a top-tier Catback system, can command a better resale value. It's not just an upgrade; it's an investment.

Installation & Compatibility

Finding the right Catback system for your vehicle is just the beginning. At Onefastshop, we appreciate that the installation process and ensuring compatibility are paramount for our customers. Here's what you need to know:

  • Ease of Installation: Most Catback systems in our collection are designed with a bolt-on approach. This means minimal modifications are required, making the installation process straightforward even for those with limited automotive knowledge.
  • Vehicle Model Compatibility: With a vast collection spanning various brands, our Catback systems cater to an extensive range of vehicle models. Detailed product specifications on our platform help you quickly identify the perfect fit for your car.
  • Professional Support: Our automotive experts are on standby if you have questions or require assistance. We aim to ensure that your journey from selection to installation is seamless and satisfying.


The automotive world is vast and ever-evolving, with innovations that constantly push the boundaries. Among these advancements, the Catback system stands out, offering car enthusiasts a blend of performance enhancement and auditory pleasure. At Onefastshop, our curated collection of Catback systems, spanning multiple reputable brands, ensures every car owner finds their perfect match. Whether you're seeking a refined hum or a roaring crescendo, our offerings promise quality and longevity. Embark on a transformation journey for your vehicle and experience the true potential of what lies beneath the hood. Trust Onefastshop for all your automotive needs because excellence is not just our standard; it's our promise.


Will installing a new Catback system void my vehicle's warranty?

In most cases, installing an aftermarket Catback system won't void your warranty. However, checking with your vehicle's manufacturer or dealership is always advisable.

Is the Catback system upgrade purely for sound enhancement?

While many enthusiasts upgrade to Catback systems for a more aggressive or refined exhaust note, the benefits aren't just auditory. Improved performance and fuel efficiency are other advantages of such upgrades.

Can I install a Catback system myself?

Many Catback systems, especially those designed with a bolt-on approach, can be installed by individuals with basic automotive knowledge. However, it's always best to seek professional assistance if you need more clarification.

How long does a typical Catback system last?

A: The lifespan of a Catback system largely depends on its material, build quality and driving conditions. However, most premium systems can last several years with proper care and occasional maintenance.

How do I know which Catback system is suitable for my vehicle?

Onefastshop provides detailed product specifications for each Catback system. Check for compatibility with your vehicle model. If you need help, our customer support and automotive experts guide you.

How do I maintain my Catback system?

Regularly inspect for any signs of rust or damage, especially if you live in areas with harsh weather or drive on salted roads. It's also beneficial to clean the exhaust tips to maintain shine and prevent residue build-up.

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