Air Intake Systems

1915 products

1915 products

Air Intake Systems are the lungs of any vehicle, ensuring optimal performance, power, and fuel efficiency. At Onefastshop, we understand their integral role and offer an unmatched variety of these components. Whether you're an auto enthusiast looking to upgrade or need a replacement part, our online auto parts store has an extensive collection tailored to meet your demands. Dive into our curated selection and experience the best Air Intake Systems available today.

Product Categories Overview

Air Boxes

Air boxes are pivotal in filtering out contaminants and ensuring cleaner air for combustion. Onefastshop's selection, though concise, guarantees top-quality and performance for those seeking the ideal air box for their vehicle.

Air Intake Components

Our extensive range of Air Intake Components, from connectors to tubes, promises durability and efficiency. With unique pieces in this category, Onefastshop caters to every intricate need, ensuring that each component seamlessly integrates with your vehicle's existing system, enhancing its performance manifold.

Cold Air Intakes

Cold Air Intakes are the darlings of auto enthusiasts known to improve horsepower and torque. Our staggering collection is a testament to our commitment to providing choices for every make and model. These systems draw cooler air from outside, ensuring denser air intake and improved combustion. When you select from Onefastshop's lineup, you're not just purchasing a part but investing in a transformative experience for your vehicle.

Intake Gaskets

A small yet crucial component, Intake Gaskets prevent air leakage, ensuring optimal combustion. Onefastshop offers top-quality gaskets designed for durability and a perfect fit, providing your engine functions at its peak potential.

Recharge Kits

Our Recharge Kits are essential to maintain the efficiency of your air intake systems. Comprising cleaning solutions and oil kits ensure the longevity of your filters. With specialized options at Onefastshop, upkeep becomes a hassle-free task.

Scoops & Snorkels

Adventure seekers, rejoice! Our collection of Scoops & Snorkels ensures that off-road escapades are safer and more exhilarating. These unique designs aid in drawing cleaner air from elevated points, especially in dusty or saturated conditions. Trust Onefastshop to elevate your adventurous drives.

Short Ram Air Intakes

Compact and efficient, Short Ram Air Intakes are designed for those seeking quicker throttle response. Though we offer top-tier options at Onefastshop, each promises significant performance enhancements, transforming your driving experience.

Silicone Couplers & Hoses

Seamless connections are essential for optimal airflow. Our Silicone Couplers & Hoses are crafted for durability, flexibility, and a perfect fit. Engineered to withstand high temperatures, they promise longevity and uncompromised performance. Dive into Onefastshop's vast selection and ensure your vehicle gets the best.

Spotlight on Vendors


When discussing leading innovators in the Air Intake Systems industry, aFe invariably tops the list. With robust products, aFe continues to combine technological advancement with practicality. Renowned for its precision engineering and top-tier quality, aFe's offerings at Onefastshop are a testament to our commitment to only providing the best. Every aFe product promises improved vehicle performance, durability, and a boost in horsepower.


Injen has carved a niche for itself with its revolutionary air intake systems. Boasting elite products at Onefastshop, Injen merges aesthetics with functionality, ensuring your vehicle performs better and looks sleek. Trusted by auto enthusiasts globally, Injen's offerings promise enhanced torque and superior fuel efficiency.


Mishimoto stands as the emblem of reliability and excellence in the automotive world. Their offerings at Onefastshop cover a diverse range of vehicles and needs. Known for their impeccable design and rigorous quality checks, Mishimoto ensures that your vehicle benefits from the finest air intake components, resulting in optimal performance.

Brief Highlights on Other Vendors

AMS, AWE Tuning, and CORSA Performance are powerhouses in their own right, each offering specialized products that cater to specific vehicle types and needs.

Although HKS and Skunk2 Racing have a concise lineup, they keep innovation and performance intact.

CSF, Radium Engineering, SLP, and Turbosmart have curated selections that are unique, reliable, and tailored for performance enhancement. Each vendor's distinct approach contributes to Onefastshop's rich tapestry of quality air intake systems.

Why Buy From Onefastshop?

At Onefastshop, it's not just about selling parts; it's about elevating every driver's experience. Our curated collection of Air Intake Systems is a testament to this ethos. Why choose us?

  • Extensive Selection: With thousands of components spanning multiple categories and from renowned vendors, our catalog ensures every driver finds what they're looking for.
  • Assured Quality: Every product on Onefastshop undergoes a meticulous selection process. We partner with trusted brands to ensure longevity, peak performance, and value for every dollar spent.
  • Seamless Online Experience: Our platform is designed for ease, from browsing to purchasing. Coupled with our robust customer service, we ensure your shopping journey is smooth and satisfactory.
  • Trusted Source: With years in the online auto parts domain, we've garnered trust and loyalty. Our reputation is built on transparent dealings, genuine products, and dedicated post-purchase support.


In the world of automobiles, every component matters, and Air Intake Systems play an instrumental role in ensuring your vehicle's performance peaks. At Onefastshop, we believe in offering an amalgamation of choice, quality, and service. With our comprehensive range of products and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we're here to aid every driver in their journey towards an unmatched driving experience. Dive into our collection and drive toward a future of power, performance, and unparalleled satisfaction together.


What is the difference between cold air intakes and short ram air intakes?

Cold air intakes pull cooler air from outside, offering denser air for combustion, thus improving horsepower. Short ram intakes are more compact, providing quicker throttle responses, but might intake warmer air.

How often should I clean or replace my air intake system?

It largely depends on driving conditions. Typically, every 15,000 to 30,000 miles for cleaning and every 40,000 to 75,000 for replacement. Always refer to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Are brand-specific air intake systems better than generic ones?

Brand-specific systems are tailored for particular models, ensuring optimal fit and performance. While some generic ones can perform well, branded systems usually offer more reliability and efficiency.

How do air intake systems improve my car's performance?

Air intake systems enhance the amount and quality of air entering the engine, improving combustion and boosting horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency.

How do I know which air intake system is suitable for my vehicle?

Always check compatibility with your vehicle's model and year. At Onefastshop, our product listings provide detailed fitment information, and our customer service team is always ready to assist.

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