ARP 9/16 ID 1.00 OD Chamfer Washer (One Washer)

ARP SKU: ARP200-8719
ARP 9/16 ID 1.00 OD Chamfer Washer (One Washer).

ARP 9/16 ID 1.00 OD Chamfer Washer (One Washer)

ARP SKU: ARP200-8719
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ARP 9/16 ID 1.00 OD Chamfer Washer (One Washer)

Introducing the ARP 9/16 ID 1.00 OD Chamfer Washer, a high-quality washer designed to provide strength, durability, and precision for your specific needs. Whether you are working on automotive, industrial, or household projects, this chamfer washer is the perfect addition to your toolkit.

Superior Quality

Constructed from premium materials, this chamfer washer is built to last. Its black finish adds a sleek and professional look to your project while offering corrosion resistance.

Precision Engineering

The ARP 9/16 ID 1.00 OD Chamfer Washer is meticulously engineered to ensure a perfect fit and alignment. The 9/16 inch inner diameter and 1.00 inch outer diameter provide optimal compatibility with a wide range of fasteners and components.

Enhanced Performance

  • Offers excellent load distribution, reducing the risk of damage to your components
  • The chamfered edges facilitate smooth installation and prevent snagging
  • Provides a secure and tight seal, preventing leaks and vibrations
  • Resistant to deformation and wear, ensuring long-lasting performance

Versatile Application

Whether you are working on automotive engines, machinery, or household appliances, the ARP 9/16 ID 1.00 OD Chamfer Washer is a versatile solution. It can be used in various applications, including:

  • Engine rebuilds and repairs
  • Transmission and drivetrain assemblies
  • Industrial machinery maintenance
  • Plumbing and pipe installations
  • And much more

Easy to Use

This chamfer washer is designed for hassle-free installation. Simply place it between the fastener and the component you are securing, and tighten as needed. Its compact size and lightweight design ensure convenient handling.

Upgrade Your Project Today

With the ARP 9/16 ID 1.00 OD Chamfer Washer, you can enhance the performance and reliability of your project. Invest in this top-quality washer today and experience the difference it makes in your applications.

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